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Java and .Net

The Sun-Microsoft settlement seems to mean a lot of different things to a lot
of different people, but I realize that my needs are very simple:  I want
to be able to write Java code for the .Net platform.

I don’t mean writing Java on a Windows platform (I do that every day and it’s
working very well), but being able to access the native Win32/.Net API’s from
Java.  Right now, if I want to write an add-in for Outlook, I need to
switch to C#.  Not a huge deal in itself, and it’s actually a fairly
pleasant experience, but I was promised "Java everywhere" and I’m still waiting.

Hopefully, the Sun-Microsoft settlement will make this possible.

On a related note, it’s interesting to see how things change.  A few
years ago, writing native code for Windows meant:  switching back to C++
(bad) and Visual Studio (good).  Now, it means switching to C# (good) and
Visual Studio (bad).

Don’t get me wrong:  Visual Studio remains an outstanding IDE and if
anything, it is more powerful now than it was five years ago.  It’s just
that today, modern Java IDE’s blow it out of the water…

Hopefully, in a couple of years from now, deciding to write native code for
Windows (or for any platform for that matter) will mean switching to both
languages and tools that are equally pleasant to use as those I am using today.


Docile animal

Carlos and I have been
having way too much fun with this
.  Give it a shot, it’s addictive.

In some way, it reminds me of
Little Computer
, one of the first implementations of a Tamagotchi.  That was
back in 1985…


Another idea against spam

Pretty much all the spams that I receive contain a link to a Web site where
you are supposed to go for more information.  I noticed that very often,
these Web sites have been registered recently (say, in the past two months to be
conservative, but it’s more like a couple of weeks).  The reason for this
fast turnover is that spam domain names get taken down typically in the weeks
that follow the spam itself.

I was wondering if this couldn’t be used by filters (either Bayesian or
simple rule filters such as SpamAssassin) to increase the spam probability of a
suspicious email.

Whenever a domain name included in an email has been registered in the past
two months, mark it as spam.

Could it be so simple?

i 0wn this blog

stupid newbie bloggers cant protect their stuff worth shit hehehe.  it
took me 15mn to carck this looser’s weblog and i did it just becoz im bored
stiff in school.  at least i get to check out cynthia whos sitting right
across me, shes the preetiest girl in our class.  shes paying attention to
the teach, i cant believe shes not bored either

cant wait for this class to end i need to practice some new stuff on my skate
i know im gonna nail the kickturn this time.  who needs these stupid
classes anyway?  when i graduate, ill become a skateboard pro or ill just
make money hacking computers like i did this luser.  oh cynthia just turned
around and smiled to me.  shes so cute i cant believe it.  i have to
ask her out but what if she doesnt like me!!??

alright this looser is lucky im a white hat hacker and im not gonna delete
any of his files but i hope he ll learn his lesson nex time,,,

i am so good heehee