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iPhone tour

Here are a few thoughts that popped into my mind as I was watching the iPhone tour video:

  • Can’t start typing a number or a few letters to place a call (either you select from the address book or you remember the full phone number).

  • Visual voice mail rocks.

  • Touch screen is good for many more activities than I thought (but I suspect, still terrible to type text).

  • Overall, it’s quite striking to see how the UI (and the entire demo) downplays typing. Quite a contrast compared to how much typing is used in iTunes or search on Mac OS. For example, if I want to add the picture of Sarah Young to her contact info, I would start typing “y o”. With the iPhone, you have to scroll through your address book (lucky him, there is only one entry in the “y” category, what a coincidence!).

  • Is it possible to buy something from the iTunes store from the phone? (not shown in the demo, so I’m guessing not).

  • Good handling of the headphone/music/incoming call activity.

  • Safari: “renders just like on your computer”. Honest.

  • Web page zooming is cool.

  • Google button!

  • The typist doesn’t seem to make any mistakes with the keyboard. I’m still a bit skeptical about that, but we’ll see. Good to see they have spelling correction (and nice demo with the thumbs).

  • Claims Gmail access… Probably through POP… lame.

  • Can check email automatically.

  • Maps looks awesome. With traffic! (network access too fast to be true, though). The turn by turn instructions don’t seem to do text to speech, unfortunately.

  • “There are many ways you can customize your iPhone”… as long as you choose black.

Announcing TestNG 5.6

I’m happy to announce the release of TestNG 5.6. The Eclipse and IDEA plug-ins have also been updated to this new version.

Here is the change log.


  • Added: SkipException/TimeBombedSkipException for manual skipping
  • Added: <tests> can now be disabled at xml level using <test enabled=”false”>
  • Added: Suite files that only contain other suites do not get reported
  • Fixed: @BeforeClass methods would incorrectly report cyclic graphs
  • Added: get/setAttribute to ITestContext
  • Added: plugging in factory objects to handle the actual instantiation of tests
  • Added: dataProvider to @Factory
  • Added: ISuite now gives access to the current XmlSuite
  • Fixed: TESTNG-139 dependsOnMethods gets confused when dependency is “protected”
  • Fixed: TESTNG-141 junit attribute set to false in testng-failed.xml when it should be true
  • Fixed: TESTNG-142 Exceptions in DataProvider are not reported as failed test
  • Added: Improved behavior for @Before/@AfterClass when using @Factory
  • Added: Support for concurrent execution for invocationCount=1 threadPoolSize>1 and @DataProvider
  • Added: New TestNG specific XML report, generated by default in ‘xml’ subdirectory of test-output
  • Added: support in strprotocol for passing the ITest.getTestName() information
  • Fixed: TESTNG-152 If DataProvider is not found, the exception message should tell exactly what happened

Eclipse plug-in

  • Fixed: Bug that made group launch configurations unusable
  • Fixed: The plugin doesn’t create the correct launch configuration for @Factory
  • Fixed: Method based launchers cannot be editted
  • Fixed: Plugin hangs while executing test with dataprovider that sends \n, \r messages
  • Added: display ITest.getTestName()

IDEA plug-in

  • Fixed: IDEA 7.0 compatibility
  • Fixed: occasional ‘illegal arguments exception’
  • Fixed: TESTNG-151 Final passing test result is not properly hidden
  • Added: Auto-completion for dependsOnMethods
  • Added: Highlighting of invalid groups/methods in dependsOn*