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Battle of the fonts

I decided to revisit my choice of programming fonts recently, mostly inspired by this article.
After trying the various fonts in this article, I narrowed down my choices to Consolas and Inconsolata. Here is what they look like:

Consolas 12Inconsolata 12
Inconsolata 13

They all look great in Eclipse. The Inconsolata font is freely available but Consolas is a bit more tricky to obtain on Mac since it’s a font created by Microsoft and usually shipped with Microsoft products.  Here are instructions how to install it on your Mac.
Any other suggestions for good programming fonts?

New blog

Those of you reading this on the web probably already noticed that I changed my blog. I upgraded from Movable Type 2 (yes, 2) to WordPress.
My older blog is still available at the address and I made sure to update the RSS feeds and put in place all the mod_rewrite rules necessary to make this transition absolutely transparent to everyone, so hopefully, I didn’t lose anyone in the process.