The Longest Journey, which I had been meaning to play for a very long time.

It’s an adventure game released in 1999 which has won countless awards for its complex plot and high production values. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it. Metacritic gives it a rare 91% score and the Amazon reviews are equally glowing.

I am about halfway through the game and I have to say that so far, the game is living up to its reputation. I would probably go as far as saying that this is the best adventure game that I’ve ever played (even better than Monkey Island and probably on an equal footing with Myst).

First of all, while the graphics look a bit dated (remember: 1999), they are quite adequate to convey the surroundings and the sense that you are moving through a universe that keeps alternating between familiar environments and different worlds. Take a look at the screen shot above, or this one:

Link to the Google+ discussion.