Keyhole is a pretty impressive piece of
software, I strongly suggest you take it for a spin.  It’s become my new
way to locate addresses.

Make sure you check out the forums as
well, they are very active and users share various links, placemarks, overlays
(they started mapping Mars and the Moon) and other locations of interest. 
Also, make sure you check the "tilt" feature (the arrow on the right at the
bottom of the screen):  it will tilt the landscape so you can do a fly-by
of the landscape.  Very impressive, although it won’t work for elevations
the size of buildings but it does wonder to explore ski runs.

Here are a few to get you started.  These are XML files that will
automatically take you to a location if you double click them after you saved
them on your computer.  Clicking on them in your browser will probably only
show you the XML content, but it’s a good way to make sure they are not
dangerous :-)

I wish I had learned geography in high school this way, I would certainly
have paid more attention…