I am happy to announce the availability of
TestNG 2.1
.  Some of the new features include:

  • invocationCount and successPercentage, which I
    described in a
    previous entry
    , and which allow you to invoke a test method a certain
    number of times while allowing some of these invocations to fail.  If
    the number of failures is under a certain threshold, the test is still
    considered a success.
  • timeOut is now applicable to all test methods. 
    Whether you are running your tests in parallel or not, you can specify a
    time-out for your test method and if it fails to complete within the given
    amount of time, TestNG will mark it as a failure.
  • dependsOnMethods was the most requested feature. 
    You can now specify dependencies on a method-based basis (no need to specify
    a group if your dependency graph is simple).  You can even mix
    and dependsOnGroups.
  • … and of course, numerous bug fixes and other additions.

A special thanks to Alexandru Popescu who has pulled all-nighters to make
this release happen!

We have an exciting list of new features lined up for our next version, among
which a plug-in API, but in the meantime, enjoy TestNG 2.1,