The TestNG team is happy to announce the availability of TestNG 2.3.

The version is available at
as well as the new documentation, which has been
considerably improved (highlighted code snippets,
detailed DTD, ant task
and description of all the new features).

What’s new:

  • beforeSuite, afterSuite, beforeTest,
  • Revamped ant task with haltonfailure and other helpful flags
  • Better stack traces and improved level control for verbosity
  • Better syntax for including and excluding methods in testng.xml
  • Test classes can be invoked on the command line
  • … and many bug fixes.

For Eclipse users, a new version (1.1.1) of the Eclipse plug-in that includes
this new TestNG version is available on the
remote update site
or for
direct download.

Also, TestNG has joined
(big thanks to Patrick and Hani for setting this up).  As
a consequence of this move, there is now a
users forum
as well as a Wiki and JIRA for issue tracking.

users mailing-list
has been moved to Google Groups and
is connected to the forum, so you only need to
subscribe to one.

Try it and let us know what you think!