The TestNG team is happy to announce the release of TestNG 2.5.

Highlights of this release:

  • A brand new Web site.
  • An IDEA plug-in, courtesy of Hani Suleiman and
    Mark Derricutt.
  • An improved Maven plug-in.
  • You can now specify entire packages in testng.xml instead of
    enumerating all your test classes.
  • alwaysRun configuration methods:  if a test fails, any
    configuration methods annotated with this boolean will always be run,
    regardless of whether something wrong happened during the tests.
  • Package support in testng.xml.

The full list of changes is included below.

The Eclipse plug-in has also been updated (2.5.0) and is available from the
update site ( or downloadable as a zip file from

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to this release, it’s a pretty major
step for TestNG!

Change list for TestNG


  • Added: ITestListener.onTestStart(ITestResult)
  • Added: Support for <packages>
  • Fixed: @Configuration methods were not invoked with individual test methods
  • Added: Resource files for easier ant taskdefs
  • Fixed: Bug with ExpectedExceptions
  • Fixed: Didn’t support nested factory classes
  • Fixed: NPE if -target is omitted with JDK 1.4
  • Fixed: @Configuration failures in a class would cause other classes to fail
  • Fixed: beforeTestClass/afterTestClass were broken for a pathological case
  • Added: @Configuration(alwaysRun)
  • Added: JUnitConverter task
  • Fixed: < and > characters in reports were not escaped

Eclipse plug-in:

  • Fixed: Class dialog wasn’t showing @Factory classes

IDEA plug-in:

  • First release!


  • Added: Brand new look!!!
  • Added: Section on testng.xml
  • Fixed: Numbering of sections