I’m happy to announce the immediate availability of
TestNG 4.5.  It features a lot of bug fixes, a
few new minor features (runAfter didn’t make it in this release but
will appear in the next one).  And of course, a new look for the Eclipse plug-in
(the update site has been updated as well), a new look for the documentation and
a few added sections as well.

[Interestingly, this is my 350th entry on this weblog, not counting the
two years I spent on JRoller before that]

Here is the change log.



  • Fixed: Methods were not implicitly included, only groups
  • Fixed: Bug with failed parent @Configuration don’t skip child
    @Configuration/@Test invocations
  • Fixed: Bug with overridding @Configuration methods (both parent and
    child were run)
  • Fixed: Bug when overriding beforeClass methods in base class (cyclic
  • Added: Support for JAAS (see org.testng.IHookable)
  • Fixed: Problem with nested classes inside <package name="foo.*"
  • Fixed: If a group is not found, mark the method as a skip instead of
  • Fixed: testng-failed.xml was not respecting dependencies
  • Fixed: class/include method in testng.xml didn’t work on default package
  • Fixed: DTD only allowed one <define>
  • Fixed: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException for jMock
  • Added: dependsOnMethods can contain methods from another class
  • Fixed: JUnitConverter required -restore, not any more (option is now a
  • Fixed: JUnit mode wasn’t invoking setName() on test classes
  • Added: Regular expressions for classes in <package>
  • Added: Distributed TestNG
  • Fixed: Command line parameters and testng.xml are now cumulative
  • Fixed: Reports now work for multiple suites
  • Fixed: Was ignoring abstract classes even if they have non-abstract
  • Fixed: If setUp() failed, methods were not skipped
  • Fixed: Was not clearly indicating when beforeSuite fails
  • Added: @Configuration.inheritGroups
  • Fixed: inconsistency between testng.xml and objects regarding method

Eclipse plug-in:

  • New look for the progress view.