I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability
of TestNG 5.3

The main feature in this new release is the introduction of Annotation
Transformers, that I described in a previous
.  The full documentation for Annotation
Transformers can be found here.
 As you can see below, the change log is quite big as well, so
if we failed to fix a bug you reported or an improvement you requested,
please let us know and we’ll try to get it in for the next release!

Thanks to all who helped make 5.3 a reality!


  • Fixed: use a single instance of bsh.Interpreter
  • Added: @Before/@AfterMethod can declare a
    java.lang.reflect.Method parameter to be informed about the @Test method
  • Fixed: super classes must not be listed in
  • Fixed: parallel attribute must not appear if empty or null
    in testng-failures.xml
  • Fixed: parsing for javadoc annotations is done on request
  • Added: improved multiple suite summary page report
  • Added: -target option deprecated in favor of -annotations
  • Fixed: filesets in the ant task didn’t work if the paths
    have spaces in them
  • Fixed: Before/After Suite were behaving wrong in parallel
  • Added: A generic/extensible RemoteTestNG was added to the
  • Fixed: Before/AfterGroup-s were behaving wrong when using
    invocationCount, dataProvider and threadPoolSize
  • Fixed: improved support for running different annotation
    type tests in the same suite
  • Fixed: testng-failed.xml was generated even if there were
    no failures/skipps
  • Fixed: -usedefaultlisteners was wrongly passed to JVM
    instead of TestNG options
  • Added: Attribute dataProviderClass for @Test and
  • Fixed: Forgot to account for cases where both
    invocationCount and DataProviders are present
  • Fixed: AfterGroups were invoked out of order with
    invocationCount and DataProviders
  • Fixed: Reporter.getOutput() returned an empty array if a
    timeOut was specified
  • Added: testng.xml now supports <suite-files>
  • Added: ant task can receive several listeners
  • Fixed: TESTNG-109 Skipped tests with expected exceptions
    are reported as failures
  • Added: ant task can now select the parallel mode for
    running tests
  • Fixed: ant task correctly deals with empty groups and
    excludedgroups parameters
  • Added: ant task can override default suite and test names
  • Added: comand line support for setting parallel mode, suite
    and test names

Eclipse plug-in

  • Added: Support for configuring per project
  • Added: Contextual drop-down menu on failures tab of the
    TestNG view to enable running/debugging method failure only
  • Added: Suppport for configuring per project TestNG jar
    usage (project provided one or plugin provided one)