I’m happy to announce the release of TestNG 5.6. The Eclipse and IDEA plug-ins have also been updated to this new version.

Here is the change log.


  • Added: SkipException/TimeBombedSkipException for manual skipping
  • Added: <tests> can now be disabled at xml level using <test enabled=”false”>
  • Added: Suite files that only contain other suites do not get reported
  • Fixed: @BeforeClass methods would incorrectly report cyclic graphs
  • Added: get/setAttribute to ITestContext
  • Added: plugging in factory objects to handle the actual instantiation of tests
  • Added: dataProvider to @Factory
  • Added: ISuite now gives access to the current XmlSuite
  • Fixed: TESTNG-139 dependsOnMethods gets confused when dependency is “protected”
  • Fixed: TESTNG-141 junit attribute set to false in testng-failed.xml when it should be true
  • Fixed: TESTNG-142 Exceptions in DataProvider are not reported as failed test
  • Added: Improved behavior for @Before/@AfterClass when using @Factory
  • Added: Support for concurrent execution for invocationCount=1 threadPoolSize>1 and @DataProvider
  • Added: New TestNG specific XML report, generated by default in ‘xml’ subdirectory of test-output
  • Added: support in strprotocol for passing the ITest.getTestName() information
  • Fixed: TESTNG-152 If DataProvider is not found, the exception message should tell exactly what happened

Eclipse plug-in

  • Fixed: Bug that made group launch configurations unusable
  • Fixed: The plugin doesn’t create the correct launch configuration for @Factory
  • Fixed: Method based launchers cannot be editted
  • Fixed: Plugin hangs while executing test with dataprovider that sends \n, \r messages
  • Added: display ITest.getTestName()

IDEA plug-in

  • Fixed: IDEA 7.0 compatibility
  • Fixed: occasional ‘illegal arguments exception’
  • Fixed: TESTNG-151 Final passing test result is not properly hidden
  • Added: Auto-completion for dependsOnMethods
  • Added: Highlighting of invalid groups/methods in dependsOn*