Very often, I find an interesting article that I don’t have the time to read
just now and I want to make sure I won’t forget to read it some time later. 
To achieve this, I have created a tag read_later in my bookmarks.  Whenever I find
such an article, I now file with this tag in my bookmarks and when I find myself
with a few minutes on my hand, I can just click on my read_later tag
and pick an article I haven’t read yet (and remove it from there when I’m done).

To speed up this process, I have created

this bookmarklet
which allows me to file the current Web page in the
category in one click (well, two, you still need to save it, but
I like this because it gives me a chance to add tags before I file the page).

Just drag and drop the link in your toolbar, edit it to replace
with your login and you’re ready to