I guess I need to clarify my previous post.  I am not complaining about
the impossibility to access COM from Java or from Python, but about the fact
that Java doesn’t enable component-based computing like COM does.  More
precisely, Java needs the following:

  • A tool to look up all the Java components available on my desktop, or on
    a distant server.
  • A central place (either physical, file system, or virtual, such as a registry) where all the Java components can be found
    and browsed.
  • An API to declare what classes I make available and where the metadata
    can be found (contracts, documentation, etc…).
  • An API to look up the said components (QueryInterface()).

And if someone wants to point me to JavaBeans, I kindly invite them to reread
the points above and realize that JavaBeans doesn’t even get close to enabling
component-based computing.

It’s actually interesting to see that in some way, Web Services offer these
services on a WAN.  But Java has no mechanism built in the JDK to enable
true component reuse.  And it’s very sad and causes endless rounds of wheel
reinvention in the Java community.