I am getting tired of hearing "lightweight" tagged to the description of
every piece of software that comes out.  "Lightweight" has to be the most
underrated buzzword of the year.  Well, not any more.  I hereby
nominate "Lightweight" (and its evil sibling, "lightweight container") as a
buzzword.  Consequently, it should be reserved to PR releases and be banned
from the vocabulary of anybody who claims to possess a minimum amount of
technical knowledge.

Lightweight containers are all over the place these days, and you won’t get
the attention of the community if your framework weighs more than a certain
number of pounds.

What cracks me up is that most of these frameworks have been in the making
for quite a while and they stopped being lightweight a long time ago, but since
the concept is totally undefined (hence its qualification as a buzzword), nobody
will ever contradict you if you say your framework is lightweight.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to be using an IDE that asks me if I
want to create a "Lightweight / Mediumweight / Fatass project".  Then it
would monitor the number of classes/methods/keys that I type and if I pass a
certain limit, it would show up a dialog box saying "Sorry, you selected a
Lightweight project and the variable you just declared is turning your project
into a Mediumweight one.  Please delete all your files, close this project
and create the right kind, this time.  Moron."