View from the cabin this morning

First snowboarding days of the year in Tahoe and… wow, what a weekend.  I
don’t think I’ve every seen that much snow in Tahoe.  It’s been dumping
non-stop since Friday morning and if you ignore the stormy conditions, it’s
snowboarding bliss up here.  The conditions being what they are, it’s the
third white-out in a row, which is particularly propitious for what I
affectionately call "faith-based snowboarding".

Basically, the sky and the snow merge into one giant white blur and no matter
how good your goggles are, you just can’t rely on your eyes to identify the
terrain as it unfolds in front of you.  All you can do is trust that there
will be as much powder ahead of you as there was behind you. 

It works…  most of the time.  When it doesn’t, it provides a
spectacular wipe-out for the viewers sitting on the chair lift above you (I’ve
even heard applauses on a few occasions) but even so, all you do is crash into
two feet of powder.  Could be worse…