It’s the holidays, let’s spend a couple of minutes on some simple degruberization:

Update 1: There is no native iPad app for Facebook, so maybe the difference is just the iPod Touch?

Wait… an application available on only one flavor of iOS? I thought there was no fragmentation on iOS?

Update 2: Also worth pointing out, perhaps, that while Facebook’s Android app is growing fast, it isn’t catching up to the iPhone app. The Facebook for iPhone app gained about 4.5 million users for the month, going from 53 to 57.5 million users. The Facebook for Android app gained about 4.25 million users, going from 17 to 21 million users.

Another way of looking at it is that the Android app gained 23% while the iPhone app increased only 8.5%. In other words, Android is growing three times as fast as the iPhone.

I don’t think these numbers mean much, to be honest, but isn’t it funny that whenever there are two ways of looking at statistics, Gruber will always pick the one that shows Apple in a more favorable light?

And in a more recent entry, Gruber quotes an entire press release from Amazon saying that the Kindle is their best selling product of all time. His laconic comment:

Short version: Lots of people are buying both Kindles and iPads. (I own both and I’m glad I do.)

Er… no. The short version is that a lot of people are buying Kindles. The PR says absolutely nothing of the iPad.

With these latest posts, Gruber is fast approaching the Fox News level of reporting.