is not the first one wondering why the EJB3 Experts Group is not
giving credit where credit is due.  I have heard this quite a few times
since last week, although to be honest, the complaints were only coming from the
people who thought they should be credited, so they’re probably not the most
subjective people either anyway…

First of all, I’d like to dispel the conspiracy idea (very popular these
days).  There is absolutely no conscious intent from the group or from its
members to avoid giving credit where credit is due.

Second, there is a difference between inventing a concept and popularizing
it, but there is no question that both deserve credit.

When the first suggestions of dependency injections surfaced on the Experts
Group, I didn’t immediately make the connection with existing IoC containers

  • These proposals were natural extensions of the EJB2 model (ejbCreate()
    is a pretty good example of inversion of control:  you are telling the
    container to invoke you whenever it wants to initialize your bean).
  • They were innovative in their own right (as far as I know, EJB3 is the
    first one to use annotations to enable dependency injection, an approach I
    like a lot and that I’ll blog about in a near future).

Innovation happens all the time in software and except for a few very rare
exceptions, it’s usually very hard to tell who invented what, but we certainly
know of a few names who are strongly associated to certain ideas (and Aslak is
certainly on my list in the IoC category).

So apologies if a few feelings were hurt, but there is not much we can do
about this and we certainly had no intention to offend anyone.