As you probably know by now, Verizon’s Droid has been officially announced and it will be available in the US on November 6th.

It’s running Android 2.0 (“Eclair”), which is by far the most advanced release we have worked on. And in case you didn’t follow, this is the third official release in about a year (there has actually been one more that was never made official).

One of the features that has received the most coverage so far is our turn-by-turn navigation application, which turns your Droid into a speaking GPS device. While most articles I have read do a good job of covering its basic features, some articles deplore the absence of a “Go Home” function.

Well, actually, this function already exists.

It’s very simple really, all you need to do is create a home shortcut. Here is how you do it:


Long press on the Home screen, select Shortcuts and then Directions.

Make sure that “Turn by turn navigation” is checked.
Enter your home address (or any other),
pick a name for your shortcut and press “Save”.


Your shortcut is ready, tap it to start navigating.

Happy navigation on your Droid!