stupid newbie bloggers cant protect their stuff worth shit hehehe.  it
took me 15mn to carck this looser’s weblog and i did it just becoz im bored
stiff in school.  at least i get to check out cynthia whos sitting right
across me, shes the preetiest girl in our class.  shes paying attention to
the teach, i cant believe shes not bored either

cant wait for this class to end i need to practice some new stuff on my skate
i know im gonna nail the kickturn this time.  who needs these stupid
classes anyway?  when i graduate, ill become a skateboard pro or ill just
make money hacking computers like i did this luser.  oh cynthia just turned
around and smiled to me.  shes so cute i cant believe it.  i have to
ask her out but what if she doesnt like me!!??

alright this looser is lucky im a white hat hacker and im not gonna delete
any of his files but i hope he ll learn his lesson nex time,,,

i am so good heehee