While tabbed browsing has considerably increased my comfort in web browsing,
I still find that navigation could be made easier.

In a typical session, I have between five and ten different FireFox windows
on my desktop, each of them containing one more more tabs.  Like most tab
users, I try and keep all the related browsing in the same window.  For
example, here are some of my typical main windows:

  • javablogs.com
  • theserverside.com
  • bloglines.com
  • My blog
  • Various JavaDocs
  • etc…

In turn, each of these windows contains tabs with links reached from these
main windows.

The problem is that FireFox adjusts the title of the window based on what tab
is being displayed, which makes it hard for me to find "the window where I open
all my bloglines links".

I was wondering if an extension that lets me change the title of the FireFox
window exists?

And if there is no such thing, how hard would it be to create a
GreaseMonkey script (or a real
FireFox extension) that lets me tell FireFox things such as "If one of the tabs
displayed is on *.bloglines.com, then name this window ‘blogs’".

Any idea?