I just installed Netflix on a new computer, and the first movie I used to test it is… Blade Runner.

The opening, of course, but especially the legendary Rutger Hauer monologue at the end. I just don’t get tired of this scene, even if it only lasts a minute. Even more incredible is the fact that he added it to the movie at the last minute (I think I learned this from the extras in the DVD).

Sadly, the version that Netflix is offering is the one with the background voice, which I find absolutely horrific, especially for this particular scene. Roy Batty just died, Deckard is staring at him, still waiting for the final blow, you, the viewer, are holding your breath, trying to process what just happened, and suddenly, the voice comes on, completely breaking the suspension of disbelief, in a lame attempt at trying to explain Batty’s actions in case the audience didn’t get it. Really lame.

And of course, I’m not particularly thrille by the rumors of Ridley Scott committing to shoot a sequel. It’s hard for me to imagine how you could improve on one of the best movies ever created.