A very cool new site:  javadocs.org.  It contains all the Sun
JavaDocs and also allows you to search directly from the URL.

I created the following bookmark with FireFox:

Location: http://javadocs.org/%s
Keyword: jd

This way, I can type "jd url" in the FireFox address bar and I get
the documentation for java.net.URL right away. 

Even though I use an IDE, I still find myself browsing the HTML Javadocs with
a browser fairly often, and even sometimes resorting to "javap|grep" to quickly
find a method in a class.  The good thing about the javadocs Web site is
not that it provides javadocs online, obviously (I already have those in my
toolbar) but the simple text search that it enables.

I only have two complaints:

  • It doesn’t contain the 1.5 Javadocs
  • If your search yields several hits, only the first one is displayed (I’d
    like to get a list of all the hits so I can drill down further).

Cool idea nevertheless.