I couldn’t resist reading an

opening with "I want to break free from the GridBagLayout: 
introducing Jaxx".

I should have known better…

Here is the value proposition of Jaxx:  you describe your Swing
applications in XML and you code your Java logic inside these XML files. 

I have two problems with this:

  • Jaxx does nothing to rid your of GridBagLayout.  If you
    need complex layouts and you want to stick with the javax.swing
    packages, GridBagLayout is your only hope.
  • Java code in…  XML files?  Now that’s a great idea. 
    Java developers are finally getting hooked to IDE’s and Jaxx offers to take
    these away from us.  No more refactoring, no more completion, awkward
    formatting…  Now that’s a winner.

I understand the value of describing interfaces in an XML file, but at least,
please make sure that I can keep writing my logic in good old Java files.

As for GridBagLayout, do yourself a favor and forget everything you
ever learned about it.  Either use
or SWT’s fantastic