I just released JCommander 1.3, here are the new features:

  • @ResourceBundle is deprecated and replaced with @Parameters:
    @Parameters(resourceBundle = "MessageBundle")
    public class ArgsI18N2New {

    I had to deprecate @ResourceBundle because I needed a more general annotation in order to implement the next new feature.

  • You can now use different separators for your options:
    java Main -log:3


    java Main -level=42

    You define the separator with the @Parameters annotation:

    @Parameters(separators = "=")
    public class SeparatorEqual {
      @Parameter(names = "-level")
      public Integer level = 2;
  • Parameters can now be hidden, in which case they will not appear in the usage:
    @Parameter(names = "-debug", description = "Debug mode", hidden = true)
    public boolean debug = false;
  • The usage output is now sorted alphabetically and cleanly aligned:
    Usage: [main class] [options] list of files
        -b, --bonjour             enable Bonjour.
        -e, --export-preferences  export preferences into the given file.
        -F, --flush-preferences   flush gui preferences.
        -h, --help                show this help.
        -i, --import-preferences  import preferences from the given file.

Download either directly or with Maven: