I like Lost a lot.  Its innovative plot coupled with strong
acting and ingenious twists is like a breath of fresh air that is almost making
flashbacks look cool again.  I TiVo all the episodes religiously and I have
hardly  been disappointed by any so far, which is quite an achievement for
a show in the middle of its second season (a feat that has only been topped by
24, which just started its fifth season).

However, I’m beginning to notice a disturbing trend in the storyline: 
the Lost writers seem to be very good at coming up with startling scenes and
puzzling twists, but they do very little in terms of explaining them. 
Instead of tying up loose ends, the episodes keep adding new implausible twists
that make you wonder if the authors really know where they are going or if they
just shoot for cheap one-liners and hope that viewers will forget them later.

Well, I’m not forgetting.  Here is a quick list of the unresolved facts
that I can think of so far (spoiler warning:  these facts cover both
season one and two, you might want to stop reading now if you are not caught up
with the show as of January 15th):

  • Mutant animals.
  • The mysterious "others".
  • Winning lottery numbers that pop up in unexpected places.
  • A semi-crazed French woman.
  • A virus that makes people hear voices.
  • A quarantine shelter buried in the ground.
  • A man who’s been sequestered in said shelter for years and ran away (how
  • Jack happens to know that man.
  • A mechanical arm that pulls people into the ground.
  • An underground machinery that requires numbers to be punched in on a
    regular basis.
  • A heroine cargo that was flying out of Nigeria and ended up crashing on
    the island.
  • A swirling cloud of black smoke.

And I’m sure I am forgetting quite a few.

I hear that enough of the plot has already been written to occupy five
seasons, which is great news, but I’m really hoping that we’ll start seeing the
explanation of some of these mysteries soon, or my patience will start wearing
thin very fast.