I have just been hit by the nastiest spam attack yet.  When I got up
this morning, I found more than nine thousand (9000!) emails in my Inbox. 
They all follow the same pattern:

  • They come from a different email address (different domain even).
  • The wording is slightly modified from one email to the other (they are
    selling medicines).
  • They are sent to a randomly-generated email address to my domain.
  • They only contain three lines, so my spam filter was unfortunately
    unable to flag them as spam.
  • The web site they point to seems to be randomly generated but it does
    indeed work and point to a Canadian drug firm:  basdf kjlke.com
    (space inserted on purpose) which I hope will be shut down by the time you
    read this.

I am having a hard time believing this kind of flooding is even effective at
all, but fortunately, it didn’t take me more than ten minutes to clean up my
Inbox.  What a waste of time.