Since the next coding challenge will be a bit brutal, I thought we all earned a little break so here is a short non coding challenge. I’m pretty sure you won’t find the answer on the net since I just made it up…

Ann was enjoying this Sunday morning in her San Francisco apartment by sipping a nice cup of coffee and browsing the web on her laptop and her home wifi connection when the entire apartment went dark. Her husband entered the room:
“I might have tripped a fuse with my computer, I’ll go check the breaker box.”
“Don’t bother, it’s a general outage, the neighbors lost power too.”
“Oh? How do you know? Did you talk to them?”
“Did you make a phone call or receive one?”
“Did you talk to anyone?”
“Only you.”
“Did you see something outside that tipped you off?”

How did Ann know that the outage was general and not just their apartment?

Update 1: I will hold the comments in the moderation queue for a little while to avoid spoilers, but I’ll publish them all shortly.

Update 2: I posted the solution.