Do you keep reading about all the cool features that keep being added to
GMail (multiple From addresses, RSS feeds, chat, etc…) and you’re not seeing them on
your account?

We deploy features to GMail progressively, so it’s possible that either your
country is not supported yet, or the server which hosts your account hasn’t
received the latest features.

Without any guarantees, here are two tips that will make sure you will
receive these new features as soon as they are available (and if you’re lucky,
they will start working right away):

  • If you are using an https connection to access GMail, remove the ‘s’ (i.e. the
    address should read "").  Eventually,
    all the new services will support https, but they typically don’t


  • Make sure your language (Settings / General) is set to "English (US").

Now you can enjoy living on the bleeding edge of email.