The magnetized connector of my Mac Book Pro is a clever device, and even fun
to play with.  It’s always a pleasant feeling when you bring the cable next
to the plug and suddenly feel the magnetic attraction clip it into place. 
It has also saved the day on more than one occasion, where the cable got
severely yanked out as I was moving my laptop without realizing the cable was
wedged somewhere.

Except that…

This kind of thing has pretty much never happened to any of my previous
laptops.  I can’t even recall last time I tripped on the cable or yanked it
hard by accident.

I pondered that for a while. 

How come all the laptops I’ve had before
the Mac Book Pro had the "old way" kind of a connector that doesn’t really react
well to a brutal lateral move, but it’s never been a problem, and then I get a
Mac that solves this problem I never had, but that I suddenly begin to have it a

Another manifestation of the Heisenberg principle?

No, much simpler, actually.

The power connector on the Mac is on the side.  Which is a very dumb