World of Warcraft has recently received a few seasonal additions for this late year celebration, and one of them has caused a lot of turmoil among the players: snowballs.

There are two kinds of snowballs: regular ones, which you can buy at your usual vendor and that don’t have much of an effect when you throw them, and “hardpacked” ones, which you can pick up in Alterac Valley. When you get hit by a hardpacked snowball, you are instantly knocked back by a significant distance, and players were quick to realize that these snowballs could be a very effective defensive weapon in the battlegrounds, since not only do they interrupt whatever spell or fight move the player was attempting to make, they can also knock them off a bridge and send them down to a spiraling death…


But the fun with snowballs doesn’t stop there.

A few days ago, forty players from our guild headed to the flight tower to make our way down to Onyxia’s Lair. Right before I flew off, the guildy before me threw a snowball at his teammate, who had just taken off ahead of me. The snowball immediately made a sharp right angle in order to follow the fast wind rider, but since its velocity was not high enough, it couldn’t quite catch up and therefore, proceeded to follow dutifully my teammate over the entire trip to Onyxia’s Lair.

The snowball immediately hit him as soon as he landed, but I was too busy laughing to capture that moment. I did manage to take a few screenshots of the journey, though…

snowball1 snowball2
snowball3 snowball4

Click on the images for higher resolution pictures.