Laurent is upset about a student getting a software engineer degree and then willing to become a manager:

Request from your management that you be assigned to functions which match these choices; to discover those, look around you and spot the people whose job requires that they perform the kind of activity you prefer. You might well not end up in a position called “Project Manager”, but I guarantee that you will be satisfied with your career choices.

I don’t understand why Laurent is so upset and even judgmental about this “tragically misled student”.

If he feels his vocation is into management, then why question his choice? What if a manager came to you and patronized you for being a software engineer, telling you that it’s an inferior position and that you should strive for better?
This sounds very arrogant to me.

What’s more, in certain countries (and France is certainly one of them), management is often the only career path that allows for more growth (both in terms of responsibilities and salary) than the technical field. We are no longer talking vocation here but simple, pragmatic reality, no matter how sad it is.

Il faut de tout pour faire un monde, and I, for one, would really love to have a manager who has a software engineer degree…

To each their own.