We’re going global with this baby!

I just received notification
from Sébastien Palud that his French
TestNG Web site
is now live.  And I have to say it looks fantastic
(much better than my TestNG pages, to tell the truth… maybe I should hire Sébastien
to revamp http://testng.org).

On his site, Sébastien covers a lot of TestNG topics:  short
introduction, simple annotations, more complex annotations, how to launch a
test, the description of testng.xml and various examples using some of the
advanced functionalities such as parameters, data providers the reports, etc…

I have to say Sébastien did an amazing job and he went further than I ever
thought was possible:  his pages are extremely well written, contain many
annotated screenshots (check out his

Eclipse’s screenshot
, the
of a launch
or the
) and detailed explanations on how to become a proficient TestNG
author in no time.

Congratulations, Sébastien, looking forward to seeing your site expand and
helping the francophile community get up to speed with TestNG!