Here’s Microsoft latest ad against Gmail, the Gmail Man:

I find it hard not to groan while watching it.

Gruber likes it, though:

But it’s a fascinating competitive angle to take against Gmail.

It was a fascinating angle in 2005 while Gmail was still new and under all kinds of scrutiny, but today, who cares that your emails are automatically scanned, really? Even before Gmail, ISP’s already had the ability to read all your emails, but it has never really stopped anyone from using the email service of their choice.

I predict that this ad will get people to talk more about Gmail than the product it’s promoting (starting with myself).

This could also be considered deceptive advertising:

Google officials want it known, for the record, that there aren’t ads in Google Apps for Business. “But admins can choose to enable the ads if they want- some find them useful,” a Google spokesperson noted.