I’m a fan of both vi and emacs (and Eclipse too), which I still use on a
daily basis.  I’ve been using emacs for more than fifteen years so I know
it pretty much inside and out and I fall back to it to edit anything that is not
Java and more than a few dozen lines. 
This posting about
reminded me that in terms of macros, emacs still has a formidable edge
over vi (and pretty much any editor I can think of, actually).

But instead of empty words, here is a concrete task I had to do recently.

I have a bunch of HTML files named 100.html, 101.html…  199.html. 
They all contain something that looks like this:

<span class="number">

<span class="author">
Buffy Sommers

<span class="text">
Arbitrary HTML
that can span several lines.

I want to extract the content of the span tags and put them into a file in a
canonical format (eventually a .ddl file for insertion in a database, but it
doesn’t really matter).

Emacs allowed me to accomplish this task within a few minutes with macros.  Can you
think of another tool that will let you do that?  (without writing a
script, which takes more than a few minutes anyway).