Word is trying to look cool

There is something really beautiful about transparency on a computer screen. 
I can definitely remember the shock of seeing transparent waters in Far Cry or
some of the numerous
systems that support alpha-blending.  But
the sad truth is… it’s never worked for me.

I’ve tried to use transparency in many different ways (transparent terminals,
transparent dialogs, etc…) but it always ends up looking ugly, and I always
end up making all my windows opaque again.  Maybe it’s because I’m a
proficient windows switcher and that I can do so extremely fast with keyboard
shortcuts, but the bottom line is that the few times when a window is partially
obscuring another window that I’m trying to read, I find it faster to Alt-Tab
twice than trying to make sense of the blended backgrounds.

But maybe it’s just me…

Are you using transparent windows on your desktop?  How?  (and feel
free to post links to screenshots if you have any)