I was trying to pull the record for my trip last week from Travelocity, which
is the site I used to make the reservation.  Since I was receiving a "trip not found" on the Web site
when I typed the trip ID, I decided to call them.  After thirty minutes on
hold (thank goodness for headsets), I finally reach a Real Human Being and I
explain my problem.

"I am trying to pull the record for a trip I made last week but I can’t
find it."

"That’s normal, it’s an old trip."

"You don’t keep records of past trips?!?"

"We do, but we don’t give access to this functionality."

"Why not?!?"

"It’s not needed."

"Well, I certainly need it now, and your competitors and other Web
sites keep track of past orders for the convenience of their users…"

"… <silence>…  Would you like me to email you a copy of your receipt,

"Yes, that would be great."  <sigh>

Some companies really don’t get it.