“Deux Ex: Human Revolution” is priced at $49.99 on Steam, so I thought I’d check out Amazon. A quick search for “deus ex revolution” shows the following results:

However, if you search for “deux ex standard”, the result is quite different:


Compared to $45-$60 for all the other versions, that’s quite a discount, and I’m a bit disappointed in Amazon for not showing this result unless you explicitly ask for it. And in case you wonder: the “standard edition” listed above is the version available for download, so you don’t get the DVD, flyer and the OnLive coupon that comes with it (unless you buy it at GameStop, which was recently caught removing these coupons because OnLive competes with their own online store. Shame).

Once purchased, you can either download it directly from Amazon or get a Steam activation code and download it from Steam.

At $34.99, it’s really impossible to pass up, especially since PC Gamer gave it a rare 94%, and pretty much everything else I’ve read about it is equally glowing. Can’t wait to try it.