I recently finished Supraland, what a gem of a game.

Don’t mind the intro video, which turned me off at first: it compares the playing area of Skyrim and GTA V to that of Supraland and you end up thinking Supraland is minuscule. This game has a lot of content.

This is a puzzle game which I would describe as a gentle and logical mix of Myst and Portal. I have to insist on the “logical” aspect: the puzzles are fantastic and all make perfect sense. I only looked up a couple of hints and I facepalmed both times for not thinking of these solutions myself.

Supraland keeps pushing you forward by progressively giving you new odd devices that unlock new kinds of puzzles and force you to look at previous areas in a totally different way. On top of being a lot of fun, this game is a completionist’s dream. It took me about thirty hours to finish, and by then, the game teased me that I was only at 55% completion with more than 80 chests left to find.
Supraland is a one man show: it was basically done by David M√ľnnich, which I find incredibly impressive and humbling.

A DLC is on the way and Supraland 2 is already funded on Kickstarter.